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Current Season A Season of Dreams for 2013-2014
The Washington Stage Guild announces its 28th Season of our distinctive repertory, an array of eloquent plays of idea and argument, passion and wit-smart theatre for a smart town. This year, we’ll examine the need to see beyond the mundane in order to create, to survive, to develop, to live. The Season of Dreams will travel from Vincent van Gogh’s studio to Bernard Berenson’s villa, and from the apartment of two fragile lives to as far as thought can reach.

10.31 – 11.24 / 2013
A clever and complex look at art, inspiration, and integrity.


1.2 – 2.9/ 2014
Expertise struggles with economy in this cat-and-mouse game of painting and the power of patronage.


2.20 -EXTENDED to 3.22
Shaw’s amazing fantasy about lengthened lifespan, and the beginning of a three-year build up to a Stage Guild milestone.


4.24 – 5.18 / 2014
A wry and humorous international hit, in which The Odd Couple meet Cuckoos’ Nest, as two misfits meet the challenges of “normal” life.


Art of any kind is imagination expressed, whether in words or images, and this season we’ll focus on our need to dream things that are not real in order to make them so. Painters, poets, critics, scientists, and even a creative fraud or two will show up on stage at the Undercroft Theatre. And we’ll embark on a journey unparalleled in Stage Guild history, as we begin a project that will take us to our 30th year– a multi-year presentation of GB Shaw’s ambitious, brilliant Back to Methusaleh. The cycle begins in the Garden of Eden and ends 30,000 years in the future. Funny and profound, it’s not only about the power of imagination, it’s one of the most imaginative dramatic works ever written!

Bill Largess, Artistic Director
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