The Critics Agree!

It’s a Chorus of praise for SEE ROCK CITY!
Now through February 11

“It’s a rare thing in current theater: a plain good story… Wood Van Meter and Lexi Langs acted it with chemistry to burn… Lynn Steinmetz and Laura Giannarelli deliver wonderfully settled comic turns.” – The Washington Post

“While serving as a continuation, this show stands on its own. There’s no need to have seen the prior play in order to enjoy See Rock City… Director Bill Largess has successfully relayed a welcoming warmth throughout the production.” – DC Theatre Scene

“This cast and crew bring you a snapshot of the 1940s and the effect the war had on those who didn’t participate. It is a story not told as often in the movies, where we normally are shown the glory of the battlefront or the offices where the war is planned.”—DC Metro Theatre Arts