The Washington Stage Guild announces its 30th Season – A Season of Past & Future

The Washington Stage Guild announces the 30th Season of our distinctive repertory, an array of eloquent plays of idea and argument, passion and wit: smart theatre for a smart town! The 2015-2016 season includes the final part of George Bernard Shaw’s Back to Methuselah, and as the visionary cycle leaps far into the future and the Stage Guild approaches its 30th anniversary, the other three plays will also look both back and ahead – A SEASON OF PAST & FUTURE. But we’re not neglecting the present – all four plays during this landmark year for the company are Washington premieres!

“When we founded what was then DC’s tenth or eleventh professional theatre, we hardly dreamed about the role we’d play in the city as years passed,” says Bill Largess, Artistic Director of the Stage Guild. “Now, it’s natural to look back at all that’s happened and just as natural to peer ahead and wonder what’s to come. With Shaw guiding us far into Earth’s future, our other three playwrights give us stories that reflect the challenges of learning from what’s happened and being open to what’s ahead.”