The 2017-2018 Season of Facing Facts:

WIDOWERS’ HOUSES by George Bernard Shaw
September 28 through October 22, 2017

An ambitious young doctor falls in love with the daughter of a predatory real-estate speculator, but while her wealth is appealing, he balks at its source. Shaw’s first play, from 1893, sparkles as it fences with some unpleasant truths.

November 24 through December 17, 2017

Holiday memories are treasures, but not always reliably reported. An evening of works adapted from Dylan Thomas, Charles Dickens, AA Milne, Louisa May Alcott and others, will receive its world premiere in a warm and nostalgic production.

SEE ROCK CITY by Arlene Hutton
January 18 through February 11, 2018

In the height of World War II, Raleigh and May, the young couple from last season’s uplifting hit LAST TRAIN TO NIBROC, have returned home to Kentucky to figure out their lives. Their two very different mothers have plenty of ideas for them, but the war’s progression affects them all, and leads to a heartwarming, bittersweet conclusion. Returning are Wood Van Meter and Lexi Langs, the critically acclaimed cast of last season’s NIBROC. An area premiere.

ALABAMA STORY by Kenneth Jones
March 22 through April 15, 2018

A librarian in segregation-era Alabama purchases a new children’s book for the library, The Rabbits’ Wedding. But the seemingly innocent wedding draws the attention of a grandstanding, intolerant state senator, who leads a crusade against the book. Based on a true story from the 50s, this is an area premiere.

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